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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Piano Lessons

The kids started piano lessons last week...and we made it through our first week! Yay us. No, seriously...this is like a big deal in the area of follow through and patience. I am teaching the kids, one a day, and they practice whenever. They all seem to like it, and it totally helps that they pay attention in music and already know what quarter notes and half notes are. They are LEARNING TO READ MUSIC NOTES and it trips me out. Even a 5 year old can identify a C. And D. And B. Amazing. Will gets the most easily frustrated, and Kacy sails through the fastest right now. Probably helps that she's the oldest and most patient with learning. I always thought I would start them out, but I also always kind of thought that we wouldn't love it. You know...when your mom teaches you stuff sometime it's not fun because you get impatient with each other. So far, so good! I think teaching music at the school totally helps me keep things real. Like, it took several months for those kids to even just sort of sing on key. But they do now! Progress.

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