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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Legend of the Wild Circus Pony

Once upon a time, about two and a half years ago, all four Bunting children were outside playing on and around the slide. As Ma recalls it, the older two were making a tire swing from an old bike tire and some ratchet straps, while the younger two were sliding down the slide. The parents were in their RV, enjoying the relative quiet time of having all the kids outside for a bit. The TV may have been on...that was back in the olden days when the Bunting family had TV.

After just a short time of this blissful peace, Ma Bunting notices the pitch of her children's voices change in that unnatural manner that bespeaks of panic. She starts to get up, and two things happen simultaneously: the youngest Bunting child issues a blood curdling scream, whilst the eldest Bunting child comes running up the three steps into the trailer and yell, "There's a horse outside!"

Now, remember that the Buntings live on open land, and are used to seeing many wild (and not so wild) creatures: mountain lions, bobcats, cows, raccoons, snakes, birds, bats, foxes, bears, skunks, and whatever else happens to wander between our desert mountains and our high country mountains. A wild horse? Never have seen one of those, but that's because most horses are taken care of very well by their owners.

The information of the horse and the blood curdling scream motivates Ma to jump outside the trailer and over to her small children just in time to see the ugliest looking pony jigging it's way across the property not 15 feet from the kids. It's head was held high, and off it went without a second look.

At the time the Bunting's thought it must have escaped some one's yard (from somewhere...they don't have neighbors), and that someone would find it eventually.

Now, they Bunting family is not so sure. You see, just two days ago, small hoof prints were found in the dirt. They were close together, and Pa Bunting deduced they were indeed from a horse. Small in stature. (Pa would know. Being an expert tracker and cowhand and all.)

The legend of the mysterious circus pony continues. Will it jig on by another day, sneaking up on unsuspecting children as they build a fort in the country? Does Pearl the cow dog keep it at bay with her ever vigilant watch? Will Ma ever have her camera at the ready when it does high step by for proof of this legend?

Only time will tell.

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