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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Wife Like Me

So, Ryan has been asked to give a talk to a group of single adults this spring, and the person in charge has asked him to talk about his shooting. He's not super thrilled with that, because he feels like if it's not about the tactical response for training purposes, there really isn't much to say besides, "I was shot at, I am here, no big deal."

Tina, (in charge) asked me to write a bio about Ryan so she could introduce him properly. Of course I said YES. I came home and told Ryan I was going to write his bio, and I wanted to be totally honest so I was going to say things like:

-His favorite meal is a veggie panini with a side of low fat tofu crisps.

-The years before he met his wife were dark and dreary, and he doesn't know what he would do without her.

- His favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle, which brings a tear to his eye every time.

-His life's ambition is to own a zonkey named Herb.

Totally honest. :)

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