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Monday, November 18, 2013

Farewell Funeral

On Halloween morning, we gathered at Hillcrest Cemetery to say goodbye to our Grandma. The weather was perfect, and quite a few people came for someone who said "Don't have a funeral for me. No one ever comes to old people's funerals. Just do a graveside." I snapped this picture before the crowd gathered. 

In my opinion, the graveside was more of an outdoor funeral. I loved it. My other grandma's funeral was held outside (as well as my other grandpa) but that was because there were no other options out there in the country on the side of a hill. But I love being outside amongst the trees and the grass, and thought it was very fitting for my grandma. Cousin April and I spoke, and she did a great job with the eulogy. The only problem with the eulogy was that it was funny, and a very accurate accounting of my grandma's personality, which made me tear up. Which was bad, because I was speaking after her, with my memories of grandma. What was supposed to be light-hearted and humorous began with me losing control of my robotic emotions. Someone had to get me a tissue. I managed to compose myself though! And we made it through. See? I just needed a quick breakdown to let go of the pent up sadness and then it was great. I also lead the music, which was super hard, all a capella and me not singing alto. But hey, we did it! Somewhere around here I have her obituary, which I wrote. I'll have to include that in this post later.

Sure do miss this lady! She was a favorite.

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