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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kids! Kacy Went to Camp Keep

Good thing at least my father-in-law reads my blog... because I totally spaced writing the "stuff" that goes with these pictures, until he reminded me last night. And, I was all, "I try to blog at least once a week now." Which obviously doesn't apply this month. It's been crazy. I think it'll be crazy until the kids move out of the house...just a hunch.

Kacy went to Camp KEEP the third week of October. She loved it, of course! The kids got bored waiting for her and used this pole ^ as a merry-go-round. She left early Monday morning, and by Monday night, Ed was missing her badly. I asked him why, and he said, "Because I don't have anyone to talk to!" Apparently he and Kacy have real conversations together, whereas Ed and Will do NOT. By Tuesday night, Will and Jessie admitted they missed her, too. It was probably a longer week for us than for her.

We made her these signs, and held them up while the bus came into the driveway. Will was mortified and hid, but the three of us held them up proudly. The bus honked, and the kids on the bus thought it was cool. (See Will? Not dorky.) Kacy gathered up her stuff, and sang camp songs (complete with hand motions) ALL THE WAY HOME, which included a trip to the store for some celebratory ice cream. 30 minutes of her singing...and she smelled a little...which prompted me to ask her, "Hey, did you shower while you were there?" And her reply was priceless:

"Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays were optional shower days, but Wednesday it was mandatory. So I showered on Wednesday, and figured I would just get dirty again on the the other days."

So sensible. I guess.

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