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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When I have wet hair, I feel like this^.

Sometimes, I feel like I look like Medusa. I would love to feel like I looked an ounce like Uma Thurman...but let's be realistic here. I feel more like my hair is like this, and I walk around with my eyes glazed over in a constant state of zombie-ness. 

For the random record, I love the Uma Medusa from Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. I also love the movie Pitch Perfect. Not appropriate for my kids (too many innuendos), but it is SO FUNNY and if I had to have a chick flick movie, this would be it. There are no guns or explosions in it...but it's still good. I love the music. And the commentary. Anyways...now I'm rambling.

Today we go to the dentist. And have scouts and activity days. And somewhere in there I will make dinner, the kids will do homework...

Oh, and Jessie got in trouble again at school yesterday. She can't read yet, nor does she have access to the Internet, so I can totally write down that I am worried about her. She has a little bit of anger issues (Where, oh where, does she get that from? Shhh...don't answer that.) Ryan said it's because she's number 4 and has to fight for everything. That may be a part of it...but Will and Ed and middle children and they seem fine. Actually, as Ryan noticed as well, Kacy and Ed have similar personalities and Will and Jessie are similar. Kacy and Ed... solid, stable, well balanced, fairly calm in demeanor. Will and Jessie... higher maintenance, easily provoked to emotional swings, sensitive... they will need a little more attention. Now, the thing to figure out is how to handle it. How can I help her? I feel like I got Will figured out (and it only took me his whole life thus far!). Jessie got in trouble yesterday for purposefully giving wrong answers, tying her shoelaces together...basically seeking attention from her teacher. Her teacher has about half the kindergarten class that is rowdy and obnoxious. I know, because I teach them music on Fridays! This leaves the good kids over on the side a bit, not getting any attention. Jessie also struggles with this same thing at home...lately getting into EVERYTHING and being "naughty" like a two year old. Literally. She's looking for attention, I suppose. I will be working out a plan to try to remedy this behavior... figure out how to show her love in a way that she understands. Of course, there is still the "You will not be allowed to behave this way" rule in our lives...but that needs to be supported by me and my actions. In her eyes, she is a nobody in a group of people, and all she wants is to be recognized. Ugh. Hard to keep that good balance!

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