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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Happenings

Jessie and I goofing off with the camera on my laptop. Dorks!

Yes...I still exist. Besides the fact that there is very little photographic evidence to the contrary, I am still among the living! That is what my grandma would always say, "I was beginning to wonder if you were still among the living..." if I hadn't seen her or called her every now and then. (Okay, at least weekly!) 

Things that are happening: I am being super productive today. (Be impressed.) I sang a duet while playing the piano at a funeral on Saturday, and I DIDN'T DIE. I sang with friend Mindi, and she has a really good voice, so I knew if I flubbed it she would totally carry the song through. But I managed to do it, didn't sound horrible, and actually did a decent job at the piano. It was an easy song, for sure. "I Need Thee Every Hour" is really the only song I can play and sing alto for at the same time. Otherwise, I can play, or sing alto, but not really both. I'm going to practice that, though. Now that I have the house to myself a few days of the week, I can warble my melodious tunes and no one is here to hear me! Perfect.

I am up to my eyeballs in laundry, like always.

Jessie tried to poison Ed yesterday. She sprayed CLR on his toothbrush. He didn't know, until he started to brush his teeth and said it tasted really funny. He also go the involuntary body shiver thing from the taste. I did the quick glance around, saw the CLR on the counter and just KNEW it would be Jessie. She has been getting into EVERYTHING lately. She admitted it right away. I told her it was poison, and could kill Ed. I made her sit on her bed, and Ed starts to freak out a little. "Kill me? Gosh Jessie, what are trying to do, KILL ME OR SOMETHING?" Then he goes over to Will and tells him, "Jessie tried to KILL ME!" 

I boiled all the toothbrushes.

My music curriculum project is still moving forward slowly. I have to think of a name for it though. Among other things, lol. Tons to do, and this is pretty low on the list. But, still moving forward.

I'm eating healthy! Only some candy, and not a ton. Only one or two sodas, not four. Progress, baby. Progress.

Music class is going well. Kids are tone deaf, man. They sing okay with the piano, but merciful heavens, a capella is awful! That's okay. They are young. And don't get a lot of exposure to singing. They'll improve over time, right?

Did I say anything about report cards coming out? Three of the four kids have straight A's, at and above grade level. One doesn't. That one HATES school. Really? I'm learning how to deal/cope (me) and encourage/force (him). 

Primary stuff is settling down a little. That's nice. I've never been a president before, always a counselor or secretary. I'm a great helper. And I think I like that better! Because now I'm responsible for everything. Like, ultimately, I'm responsible. It's a little weighty. I hope I don't fail. I will do my best. But still!

My car is a piece of hooptie junk. Still gets me where I need to go. Uncomfortable, but so trusty and reliable, with a million miles on it already. (Okay...five years and 165,000. Maybe not technically a million.)

My favorite time of the day is dinnertime. Not the cooking part, and not the cleaning part. But the eating part. Ryan works days and we have a table and chairs and we all EAT TOGETHER. And the things the kids say...it's awesome. Our table is old, donated and painted on. Our chairs are old folding chairs. It doesn't even matter! (But we will be building a table soon!)

Ryan is putting up window trim and it looks amazing. It's nice to finish up some unfinished things on the house.

When everything else is wacky, my family is constant (consistently wacky?) and that's what matters most. 

Having attended two funerals in two days for two women who died in their 90's, I have been pondering what I hope my eulogy says about me. What have I contributed to my family? To my communities (church, school, town?) Have I done anything worthwhile? I hope so. Much to be done, right? 

The holidays are approaching. YAY! I'm looking forward to them this year. (This is the lie I tell myself, hoping it all comes true. Simplifying things and lowering expectations has helped a ton in the last few years...letting go of the "perfect Christmas gift" guilt.)

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