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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ratted Out by my Kids

Yesterday was our biannual dentist appointment. The dentist has a new way to take our x-rays...it's all digital. The images show up on a big computer screen right away, and the kids (and I) were fascinated with it! We were guessing about cavities and stuff. Well, I went last, and have had quite a bit of dental work done over the years. They kids were all "WHOA, MOM!" Maggie, the dental assistant said something about cavities and candy, and Jessie totally says, "Our mom eats a lot of chocolate." Thanks, honey! Is it that noticeable? Because I'm pretty sure I try to hide that fact so I don't have to share...

So, I'm in the chair, getting ready for the visual check and cleaning, and I look up, and see Will standing over me, totally watching everything the dentist was doing. I find this a little odd, as usually it's Ed who does that. You just haven't lived until you look up and see Ed's smiling face hovering over yours...as you are laying back flat on the dentist's chair with the spit sucker in your mouth. Anyway, the dentist gets finished and I turn to look at Will and tell him to go sit down AND IT'S ED! It was Ed the whole time. I totally, 100%, completely thought it was Will. I can't even tell my own kids apart. I felt...weird. I always get their names mixed up, but I have never looked into their faces and totally got them wrong.

For the record: Ed and Will were arguing over who got to go first at the dentist (which Maggie says she's never seen before). And wouldn't you know it, it stemmed from them feeling like they knew they had a cavity...which they both did.

Score: Girls: 0, Boys: 2

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