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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Student of the Month

This kid got Student of the Month! Who knew, right? 

Mrs. M. said that Ed is helpful to other kids in class, he can take his reading theme tests all by himself, works ahead, and then pulls out a book to read (probably a Captain Underpants book!), he is good in math, and he has especially been good with his grammar and writing. That last part is a big improvement because the boy still doesn't always use a fork. Writing is not his strong suit. But grammar is...I teared up the first time he said, "Will and I want to do this!" and he consistently uses proper English. Joy to my heart! A fellow word nerd AND helpful to other kids? That's awesome!

During the assembly I noticed Jessie continually picking her nose. Gross.

After the awards were given, a drawing was held. The names were on paper leaves, and these leaves were earned by children who displayed positive behaviors on the play ground and in the classroom. The principal, Ms O. made these adorable Pinterest Turkeys. Oreos, Reece's PB cups, candy corn, Whoopers... so cute and crafty. She made about two dozen. Well, those lucky kids who got one were thrilled! And Will and Jessie were both drawn. That left Ed...out. And he's so sensitive about these things. It was all over when Jessie was chosen as well. I was worried about the Ed meltdown sadness that I could see coming. But guess what?!? I nearly had a heart attack, but really shouldn't be that surprised...Will gave Ed some of the pieces off his turkey! Made Ed's day. I went over to Will after I saw that and asked him why he shared, and he said, "Because Ed didn't get any."  That is huge for me. I don't care how smart a person is, or what kind of grades they get. If they aren't kind to others, it just doesn't matter. I would take a C student who is kind over a straight A mean kid all day long. 

Okay, enough about the kids. Kacy is at the middle school doing who knows what, Will shared his candy with his little brother without having to be asked (by Ed or myself...which I rarely do anyways...I hate making kid share- I have a whole theory behind this), and Jessie picked her nose the entire assembly.

Today when they come home, we are busting out the TV and watching Ernest Goes to Camp. Classic kid silliness. 

And after catching a show at the Dr. office the other day (Dog with a Blog), I am not sorry for not having TV in our house. 10 year olds dying their hair, with older brothers who play stupid, living in a million dollar home with perfect looking parents who don't seem to work...meeting up on little dates in the fifth grade... I actually thought the talking dog wasn't a problem! Oh, how I wish adults could know just how much stuff kids pick up from watching TV (or listening to music, etc.). And that goes for the writers and producers of these shows as well (although I think they get it...and use their power for base ideals!). I don't want my kids to think that stuff is normal, man. That's why I banned Caillou from our home years ago: whiny kid who gets whatever he wants... aye. And when my kids read this as they are in their teens and 20's, I hope they get it. I hope we do enough cool stuff besides watching TV that they aren't like, "But we so missed out on Nickelodeon, Mom!"

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