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Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm Fancy! (And gift cards are the best!)

Look at those aqua gel nails! 

Here's the scoop: I've never had gel nails before. I usually do my own nails, which means they are either bare or chipped up in differing shades of dark purple or bright green. My mom got me a gift card to the nail-doing place, and instead of saving it for a summer pedicure like I usually do, I went in there, got my eyebrows waxed, and asked for a manicure.

I don't like the nail place. I mean, I like this one: it's clean and stuff. They do a good job. But I feel so out of place there. It was like an alien planet, and I was fascinated with the fake fingernail process going on around me. I found out I can't just sit there for an hour while someone does my nails. Seriously- what a time investment for those ladies! I went in there with my chipped up polish on, and the girl gets out what looks like a Dremel tool with a sanding head on it. I say, "I don't want fake nails." I was a little panicky. She said something about gel nails, and I was like, "No, just a regular old manicure. Wait. How much is gel polish?" It was $25 and totally within my gift card, so I went for it. I had about 250 options of colors and styles, and when in doubt, go with the color of your first car, right? Aqua it is. I am so curious to see how long this lasts...and if it lasts a month or more, I could get into it. Like, I could save up $25 a month to have my digits look put together! Maybe. And I'm still tripping out about the Dremel and the Easy Bake oven with the lights that you stick your hand in. I do LOVE how the polish is all dry when you are finished. I hope I didn't ruin my nails by doing this type of polish.

At least I knew no one was talking about my feet. I don't understand the workers when they launch into their native language, but I get all insecure that they are secretly making fun of my feet. Or saying something like, "She's so gross! There is this hairy patch on around her ankle she forgot to shave!" Plus, pedicures just tickle too much. I'll just do those myself at home.

I was able to meet Amy for lunch yesterday...also on a gift card! How sweet is that? I haven't seen the girl forever! It was a good visit. We need to get together more often. 

I went to Target and shoe shopped. I know what I want, and they didn't have what I liked. That's okay. I'm thinking I'll just order some Converse All Stars online. Target had Converse One Stars,  and I have to say, they were a little different. I don't know what it was. They were a good price, but they were... different. My Vans are looking dirty and trashed. My slip on Mocks from LLBean are awesome, but sometimes I was something a little more dressy. (Yes, I think Converse are dressy. Plus, they are an athletic shoe. So I can launch into a sprint really easily if I need to...)

I was so girly yesterday! Sure I felt out of place getting my nails done, and sure I was in the men's department looking at shoes. But I did it. 

And at least my nail polish isn't looking so horrible anymore. I'm so curious to see how it wears off...

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