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Friday, January 10, 2014


A whole week went by, and here it is, Friday again. Funny how that happens.

It was the first week back to school... and it was just "okay." For all of us. Just when I got my house all spic and span...we started some construction projects. All projects are majorly awesome, by the way. I'll post a whole bunch of photos when we are finished. The projects are baseboards and window trim, trim around the stove (if you can call 6x6 posts trim...that seems pretty hefty for trim), a finished TV wall, and a finished pantry! Woo-hoo!

Today Will came in from outside with a parrot stand that he made himself. Wood scraps and some nails...and it's totally self standing and looks LIKE A PARROT STAND.

We don't have a parrot.

Jessie told a boy in her class that he was going to be arrested this weekend because he wasn't doing what she told him. He was scared. Jessie is a "table leader" and also a tyrant, I guess. I reassured him that he was not going to be arrested this weekend, or ever. Then I leaned into Jessie and whispered in her ear that if she ever said anything like that again to anyone, I would take her outside and spank her butt.

And then, after five minutes, she started to cry. So I went back over to her table and asked her what was wrong...and she was worried that I was mad at her. To which I replied, "I'm not mad at you. I am unhappy that you told him he would be arrested. That's not true, and you shouldn't threaten people with that. Just don't say it again, and it won't be a problem." Then I gave her a hug and we called it good.

Okay. I gotta go cook dinner before the family revolts. I don't wanna be in trouble. I might get arrested!

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