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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This GIRL. I'm pretty sure she is partially deaf right now.  We have an appointment next week with the ENT. We were hoping to avoid another set of tubes in her ears, as she has had three already. At the last visit, Dr. saw slight improvement with fluid going away, and she is right on that age bubble where if a kid is going to outgrow tubes, the time is now.

But I think she will need another pair. Hopefully, her last.

She is a firecracker. That is the polite way to say that she can be a pain in the butt. She is spirited, and that spirit can be awesome to watch from a distance, but annoying if you are on the receiving end of it. 

She is VERY social. She talks to random kids in the park and makes friends easily. She hated 90% of her kindergarten classmates, but loved her first grade classmates. She had been attending the first grade class for 75% of her day (along with four other Kindergartners) since after Christmas vacation. In May, her two teachers and I decided to try her out in first grade full day. She passed all the end of year first grade benchmarks with a 90-100% average. So, with her desire to be all scholastically inclined, plus her social issues with the kids in Kindergarten (this was a huge motivating factor for me...much more so than the academics), this girl is going to second grade next year. This allows her to keep on keeping on with her school work, AND she will be with her friends and peer group all day. 

And, it allows her to be a Freshman in high school while Ed is a Sophomore and Will is a Senior. At first I was like, "Oh. good. The boys can watch out for her and protect her." Now I'm like, "Oh, good. The boys can spy on her and make sure she behaves!" 


  1. Getting back into the swing of things. Having my silly photo-editing software totally helps. It makes me want to take "real pictures," and I can be as wordy as I want to be on the blog! Kacy needs a post though...girl had a birthday and ran for President! That a big deal in our house!