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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Girl's Camp 2014- And the Word of Wisdom

On our hike: the girls fell in love with the horses.

It was that time of year again...when Ryan and I dump the kids with their grandparents and head for the hills to help with Girl's Camp.

Ryan was our cook. He does a great job: the food always tastes so good. Of course, the ladies who buy it and prep it do a fabulous job, as do David and Karl and anybody else who happens into the kitchen.
The look-out point (shhh...there is cell reception here- don't tell the girls!).

Laura P. and I did certification. We worked well together- I like her! The girls seemed to enjoy it as well. We will be doing certification next year, and while this year was pretty good, we both think that next year will be even better. Last year it rained and rained...this year the weather was so perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Kacy comes to camp next year. That will be weird! It's like a milestone. We have a kid old enough to come to camp. She wished she could go this year!

A few more things: our hike is 8.5 miles in one day. Not too shabby! The girls in general are terribly out of shape. I think it's a generational thing. PE is not really "physical" anymore. There are always a few girls who do well on the hike, but the majority are dying. 

I quit drinking sodas while at camp. I had come to a point in my life where I was consuming more Diet Pepsi than water, and that is just not healthy. I have also developed some bad nutritional habits over the last few years. I guess I can blame part of it on me being so busy with everything that I do: and I like to snack while I sit at the computer typing or while I read. But, NO MORE. As a family, we are going to try and follow the Word of Wisdom more fully. It's easy to do the "not haves" but sometimes very difficult to do the "should haves." We should be eating whole grains and fruits and veggies with a little meat. We are going to get away from refined grains as much as feasible and desirable. There are a few health things that I wonder will lessen or resolve themselves with a few of us (okay, Ed in particular!). He has sensitive skin and can't focus...and he also has visible reactions to high sugar consumption. I think I will still schedule in a monthly "waffles topped with ice-cream" for dinner night. Because it's so fun. But they will be made with whole wheat. Healthy, right? 

One hope I have for quitting soda and artificially sweetened drinks (this includes Chrystal Light/Lite type drinks) is that I think it makes me crave salty and sweet food to go with it. I never pop open a can of diet pepsi and grab some broccoli florets. I would, however, pop open a can (over ice!) and then grab some chocolate, or peanut butter, or some salty crackers and then eat in abundance. Yup...while not a completely nasty habit occasionally, my habit fell into the "more often than not" category.

The kids are worried I won't make cookies anymore. So, it's going to be a huge treat when I do! My goal is not to become some food Secret Service Nazi person...but to clean us up quite a bit. I want to grow old and be healthy, and not suffer some stomach, guts, or joint problems. I really, really believe that our diet dictates our health. And, I haven't been healthy, physically or mentally. 

Did you know caffeine makes me angry? Yup. My own anecdotal evidence tells me this. It boosts my anxiety levels "just so" and it makes me want to kick and scream really easily. I need to be more chill. So far, a week later, it is working. I figure the more time goes by, the better it will be.

Wish me luck! And wish my kids luck...they are going to eat so many healthier meals, they won't know what hit them.

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  1. Best wishes on your goal to follow the Word of Wisdom more fully! I've been collecting stories of other Latter-day Saints who are trying to do the same thing. You can find them at Discovering the Word of Wisdom: http://discoveringthewordofwisdom.com. D&C 89 contains lots of hidden treasures we ignore. I know you'll be blessed!