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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Flat Tire

Nothing like walking out of Music Class and having a flat tire. The perks to this flat was that it was just a nail, and I happened to have been on asphalt, so it was easy to change. I had a lug cross thread with the lug nut, which meant that I had to shear off that lug to get the spare tire off. Two really nice men tried to help me...I think they felt obligated since I was a girl with children. They ended up slowing me down...one repositioned my jack three times before he put it back where I had it...but I could see why he thought I had it wrong. Part of a trim piece was bending a bit. I pointed out that other pieces of my car are already falling off, lol. Seriously, my car. See? ⤵️

I hit 190,000 miles this week. Only 10,000 more to go! We are going to throw a party for my car when we hit 200,000 in a few months. Shouldn't be hard to do since I am already looking at multiple trips to town this week. Ed has a case of Pink Eye. Yuck.

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