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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Here, I'll spill it: I am tired of being tired. I've had "the crud" for a full two weeks, and I am so over it! I just want to wake up and ***POOF*** be skinny. I mean, healthy again. I want to be skinny, too, and that would be easier to do if I had any energy at all, didn't get an immediate headache in any position except upright (no PiYo, downward dog, or running), and when I'm sick, I crave junk food.

Also, I just want to be finished with school. Remember high school? And what it was like to be a senior? I'm that senior, except it started (much like it did in high school) two years early. I am so ready to put my education behind me. While I say that, it isn't entirely true, because I firmly believe a person who reads and tries things out is always learning. I'm just tired of learning the stuff I don't really need to know. I am tired of costing money. Here's to my last month of tuition payments! Yee-haw!!!

This week has seemed really, really long...and it's not because my children are home with me for Easter Vacation. They have been great. I told them today that they had two choices: go outside or stay inside and clean. They went out.

When Ryan works, he stays out of town, so it is just me and the kids for his days on duty. Most of the time this is "okay" but this week it seems to be worse than normal. Perhaps it is because cell phone reception in his area is super lousy, or because we have this little window of time in which to have this really short and static filled attempted conversation. I suppose I miss my husband. I won't complain, because we are blessed to have his job and it's not like he's gone off to war or something. Some have it worse than I do.

Today we watched General Conference. It was good: it made me feel hopeful. No one expects us to be perfect, except sometimes ourselves.

I have to end with something that is funny. I don't want to look back and think "doom and gloom" post. Yes, I am tired and feel a bit discouraged with the way things are right now. But this? This incident still makes me laugh!

We were in the Mazda, driving to Ed's first baseball practice. I tell everyone to grab a jacket and a water bottle, and while we are in the car, I hear the crinkling of the thin plastic bottle, times four. I am about to lose it with the water bottle noises, and we stop at the gas station so I can get some gum. I send Kacy in to get gum (she was totally nervous, as she had never bought anything like that by herself before), and Ryan calls me. We have a short, static filled conversation on the phone and I turn around to tell Ed to STOP WITH THE WATER BOTTLE ALREADY. As I  turn around I see that he is sucking water out of the bottom of the bottle, where he had bitten a hole in the side.

"What are you doing? How are you supposed to drink out of that bottle now during practice? Seriously!"

He starts uncapping the bottle, while it is still turned upside down and it spills onto his pants. Not the legs of his pants...but the crotch area. It looks like he has just peed his pants. He is mortified, because we are all laughing so hard at him. Good thing it was windy and our drive is so long to get to practice. I couldn't even tell he had wet pants by the time we got to practice. But still. What must go on in his brain!

I was worried about him. How is this boy going to function?

He functioned just fine. He came off the field after practice and said, "That was so much fun!"

I'm glad.

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