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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Taking a Nap Before 9AM is Okay. Because I said so!

The last two mornings I had to take a nap before 9am. I went to bed too late, got up way too early, and just couldn't function.

Problem is, it put a damper on my entire day both times.

Not today though. No nap. Even though I got up at 4:30 am to let my dog out (weird!) and was waking up, I forced myself to shut down the ol' noggin and just hoped I would sleep some more. I turned off my 5:30 alarm and kept the 6:25 one on. It worked. I was able to sleep a bit more, and I am able to function!

Probably helped my sleep last night that I didn't OD on Diet Pepsi in the evening hours.

Just so you know, I am done with the month of May. It can be over now. Please. Last week I was at a baseball thing every night of the week, or so it seemed. This week I am literally at a baseball thing (or two), or a board meeting, or a Pinewood Derby every night this week. I just want to stay home. Not eat out of an ice chest for dinner.

That's okay. It is almost over. The week seems lighter next week. Last week was supposed to be a light week as well...

Next year, if we decide to do it again, both boys will be old enough to be on the same team. That will help a ton.

Can't wait for summer.

Oh, and I got a new to me car this weekend. It's kind of old...but I love it! It is so much more comfortable than my Mazda. Nothing is falling off of it, there are no mice living in it...it has music...all in all, a winning combination! It is a 2006 Lincoln Navigator. It feels so fancy, fancier than me. It also feels a little bit like a grandma car. But that is okay, because to get better gas mileage out of it, I'm driving even more like a grandma than I usually do. So it fits! Haha. Seating for 8, and a cargo area that will fit all my groceries? Yes, PLEASE! Ryan's legs don't touch the dash, either. Score!

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