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Friday, October 16, 2015

Free book! (Also, a little rambling update, and an Ed story.)

***If you make it through my rambling, my Ed fans will not be disappointed.***

"Trailer Life", by moi, will be available as a free Kindle download the next three days. This October 17, 2015 through Monday at midnight, Trailer Life is yours for the taking.

I do this because I think it's fun...and because I realized long ago that writing doesn't really make any money, so I might as well just have fun with it. I think I've made enough take the fam to Taco Bell. Twice.

I am contemplating locking myself in a room and cranking out a book that would be completely different that Trailer Life. Like, totally fictional, but based on a true story. A thriller. With death. And then offering it for like $.99.

But then I think, I still need to do some research at the state Board of Equalization and tax information, so that *crossing my fingers, toes, and still praying* if I pass the bar (only one more month of wondering if I have to study again) I can be all expert like in my estate planning and asset protection.

Did you know if you don't have a will that names guardians for your kids that court will appoint one, and that the person/family has to go through the foster care licensing requirements before they can have your kids? My sister just went through this process to be a foster parent for newborns in the county, and it was a bit ridiculous. No paint or chemicals in the garage. Safety stuff everywhere. That would eliminate me as being appointed because we've got stuff everywhere. My kids drive a John Deere. Pretty sure that's against the county code of fostering. Speaking of, I've heard a rumor that your kids could be placed in foster care while this is taken care of. I need to substantiate that rumor, because HOLY MOLY if that is true, that freaks me out. So, we both kick the bucket at the same time, and the kids have to deal with that AND with foster care? NO THANK-YOU. Talk about trauma. I will find out ASAP. (You can fill out a simple will form for free in CA, just make sure it is signed by two witnesses. It's at the California Bar Association Website. This is what I did 5 years ago before Ryan and I went out of town by ourselves. We are rarely together without the kids...but it felt like the right thing to do. I'm beefing up our plan because I can't help others yet, but I can help myself!)

In happier news, roads are all closed down and we are having mudslides and weather! Welcome, El Nino, (that second "n" needs a squiggly line over it)! Grateful not to have been caught in it. And that happy part is that my own road is clear.

Last random bits: we are starting music at the school again (starts today), Will is knocking out Boy Scout requirements, Ed is knocking out his Cub stuff, and Kacy is practicing her pie crust technique for her Personal Progress stuff. Jessie took a bath the other day "to wash the badness" out of her, because she has decided she wants to be good. (O-kaaayyy...)

Ed saw roadkill while we were walking to the cattle gaurd for morning pick-up that freaked him out because as he came close to it it lifted it's head to look at him. I've never seen Ed scared of ANYTHING before. A fluffy bunny that you assume is dead and that then makes eye contact with you will do that. Have I told you that Ed thinks roadkill is good luck? He gets excited about it. He also said a live rattlesnake in the road is twice the good luck of roadkill, and a DEAD rattlesnake in the road is TRIPLE good luck.

We should be set with luck around here.

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