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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas is Coming, and I'm Not Ready!

So what else is new, right?

I'm just not quite ready. I've been largely without a husband this month, since he transferred to a new area and is stuck with the afternoon shift. With the commute, that means he is gone from 10:30 am to 12:30 am. I see him just long enough to say "hi." And if he goes out of town to say, I don't know, work on one of our cars or something, or goes to his High Council stuff on Sundays (all of this "out of town" business means he drives to Bakersfield, which is an hour and twenty minutes away), we don't see him.

We have no tree. Not even a fake one.

I'm partially okay with that. We have a Christmas Table instead. I bought a festive (and cute!) tablecloth and we set up a train on it. The presents I do have wrapped are on the table. I suppose living in the trailer broke me of expecting much for Christmas. We do have lights up on our staircase...that makes it feel a bit Christmassy.

I'm attempting to craft for Christmas. I would like to say that I truly enjoy that and it's going so well! But I'm not sure I can say that. Nothing catastrophic has happened: I still have all my fingers, I haven't bled on anything, and I only messed something up twice. I'm more concerned with the reaction of the people receiving the gifts. They are mostly my own kids, so I think I'm good. But, still.

P.S. The diet I was on is blown up to a million little bits. I've eaten cookies for breakfast. Cookies for lunch. I'm dying in a sugar coma. I vacillate between being enormously happy and tremendously depressed. That's the sugar talking, I know it!

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